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10 Creative Wedding Send-Off Ideas

550 Trackside
Sparkler Send-Off

Nothing is more dazzling than the traditional sparkler send off! But here is a couple things to keep in mind when doing one. A sparkler exit looks best when there are a lot of sparklers. Consider doing a "fake" send-off immediately after sunset before your guests start to leave. Often times, guests leave before the send off and it leads to a very lacking sparkler exit. Remember to walk slow, do a dip, and twirl under the sparkling lights. Save a couple just for the bride and groom to do some fun light writing with your photographer! Make sure you get the 36" sticks. You'll want ones that are specifically safe for weddings meaning long and long-lasting. Always check with your venue on their policies!

Gay Pride Smoke Bomb Send Off
Smoke Bomb Send-off

If your love is explosive, smoke bombs are a colorful way to make a statement. As you can see, Melissa and Katie choose to do LGBT colors. A great tip if you decide to try this adventurous departure, is to use colors that best match your wedding color palette or bridesmaids' dresses. Smoke bombs make for an unbelievable photo op! But you will want your attendees to hold them up high so they don't stain your dress. Also talk to your venue, since they are technically fireworks!

Rhodes Hall Wedding
Light Rope Send-Off

Stop, don't move! If you want to pull this picture perfect maneuver off you'll have to remain perfectly still while your guests swing their light ropes around and around. This actually works best with just a handful of people spread out on each side. Pro-tip: your photographer will need to slow things way down to perfectly curate this photograph. Be patient and have fun!

Foxhall Resort Wedding
Glow Stick Send-Off

A glow stick exit is an illuminating way to end the night. If you are allowing kids at your wedding, it is a big hit with them too! You can pass out both glow sticks (the kind you crack or foam like pictured above) as well as glow bracelets and necklaces to make the send off even more festive. They are a great addition if you are continuing with an after party and make the dance floor lit.

The Woodruff Arts Center Wedding
Bubble Send-Off

Bubbles are great for both day and night exits. With enough ambient light, a bubble celebration is just as magical after sunset. You can even incorporate glow-in-the-dark bubbles or use a bubble machine. Bubbles serve double duty as a fun exit and wedding favor. Pro-tip: when doing a bubble exit I always have the guests start to blow the bubbles way before the couple walks out the door. The more bubbles the better!

Wimbish House Downtown Atlanta Wedding
Second Line Send-Off

A historic New Orleans tradition called the Second Line is where the the bride and groom are followed by a big brass band and all their wedding guests waving handkerchiefs. We didn't have to travel to NOLA for these two. Chad and Kay shut down the streets of Atlanta to do their Second Line send off. Check out Etsy for custom bride and groom parasols. Don't skip out on personalized hankies with your monograms or your wedding date on them. This way, during the ceremony, your guests can wipe their tears or (in this Georgia heat) sweat. Then they can dry them off by waving farewell as you head off to your honeymoon!

Roanoke Farms Weddings and Events
Ribbon Wand or Streamer Send-Off

Ribbon wands or streamers are a fun, safe, and clean way to send you and yours on your married way (that's right, I said it). Ad a special touch by picking your wedding palette or favorite sports team colors. This is a great option if your venue does not allow sparklers. Plus they are easy to clean up and guests can take them home (their cats will love them!) On a budget? Have a girls night in with your bridesmaids and follow Loverly's post to DIY . If you don't want to make them, purchase them here!

Newnan Centre Weddings
Flower Petal Send-Off

Step aside flowergirls, the flower petals aren't just for you! Ask your florist to provide extra flower petals that can be tossed at the end of your day. Put them in a doily and hand them off to your guests. Flower petals are a fun and eco-friendly way to bid you adieu. They also have this way of getting stuck in the bride's hair for some cute photo ops!

The Barn at Sierra Springs Wedding
Fake Snow Send-Off

Having a winter wedding, but no chance of snow? Two words— potato flakes. That's right, all you need to create the illusion of snow is to stock up on boxes of instant mashed potatoes. Have your guests toss them in the air for a instant snow flurries (see what I did there). Just make sure there is no chance of rain for the day!

Newnan Theatre Company Wedding
Herb Toss Send-Off

An herb toss is another eco-friendly send off idea that provides symbolic meaning. This herb toss is done to symbolize a rainshower that is a sign of prosperity, fertility, and good fortune. The language of flowers, spices, and herbs is a Victorian practice that assigns a meaning to each herb and flower. Here are just a few examples: Amaranth – everlasting love Basil – good wishes Forget-me-not – true love Hibiscus – Delicate beauty Ivy - fidelity, marriage Lavender – devotion Lemon balm – memories Marjoram – joy and happiness Parsley – festivity Rosemary – remembrance Sage – long life and good health Thyme – courage and strength.


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